Don Blackwell : About Don

I am a 54-year-old trial attorney, who lives and works in South Florida. At various times, however, I’ve worn a number of other hats. I’ve been a husband (for the past 32 years), a brother, a son, a poet, a writer, the editor of a creative writing publication, a public speaker, a youth league baseball coach, a law school professor, a student, a friend, a college disc jockey, a boss, a classmate, a charity event organizer and fundraiser, a teammate, the new kid in town, a problem-solver, a shoulder to cry on, a peace-seeker and a dreamer - to name just a few. Most importantly, however, I am a dad of two remarkable young adults, Greg (26) and Ashley (24).

As a writer, I have authored several peer-reviewed feature articles that have been published in the Florida Bar Journal, Florida’s leading legal publication – one of which, “The Burden of Truth: Have Florida Courts Gone Far Enough in Addressing the Problem of Juror Misconduct”(May, 2007) was selected as the recipient of the Journal’s Editorial Board for the “Excellence in Writing Award” as the best feature article in 2007. I also have written and self-published two children’s books, The Bunt (1995) and Rounding Third (1997), and recently completed work on a third, Todd’s Story (2011) – all three of which have their roots in my youth league coaching experiences.