Don Blackwell : News and Notes

Authored: "The Dad Initiative - A Clarion Call To Educate, Empower And Encourage Dads To Become More Engaged In All Aspects Of Their Loved One’s Eating Disorder Journey," which was published in the Summer, 2013 issue of Perspectives, the Renfrew Center Foundation's nationally-distributed Professional Journal.
Speaking Engagements

In February, 2014, Mr. Blackwell presented “I’ve Listened To Your Daughter’s Heart” at the Fatherhood and Families’ 15th Annual National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In October, 2013, Mr. Blackwell was a featured Panelist at the “Parents Roundtable” Webinar, Sponsored by NEDA’s Parents, Families and Friends Network.

In July, 2013, Mr. Blackwell presented "If You Snooze You Lose - I Guarantee It! - 5 Keys To Unlocking The Desires Of Your Heart" at the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce Women's Business Network Luncheon..

In March, 2013, Mr. Blackwell joined with Keesha Broome, LMFT and Michael Polan in co-presenting “Daddy’s Little Girl” at the Multi-Service Eating Disorder Association’s Annual Conference in Newton, Massachusetts.

On October 12, 2012, Mr. Blackwell presented: “Navigating in Uncharted Waters – One Dad’s Practical Suggestions for Supporting Your Loved One in All Phases of Their Eating Disorder Journey” at NEDA’s 2012 Annual Conference 2012.

The following day (i.e., on October 13, 2012), Mr. Blackwell joined moderator Dr. Douglas Bunnell as a panelist in a Roundtable Series for Dads entitled: “Tips for Supporting Your Child and Practicing Self-Care” (NEDA Annual Conference 2012).

On December 5, 2012, Mr. Blackwell joined Dr. Michael Berrett as a co-presenter at a national webinar hosted by NEDA entitled “Tools for Dads Workshop II: Supporting Your Child's Journey from an Eating Disorder to Recovery.”

On February 23, 2013, Mr. Blackwell was a co-presenter with Keesha Broome, LMFT and Michael Polan at the Houston Eating Disorder Specialists’ Journey for Hope Conference in Houston, Texas.  The title of the presentation was “Daddy’s Little Girl – Dads, Daughters and Disorders.”

On February 26, 2013, Mr. Blackwell hosted the South Florida launch of “Dear Ashley . . .” at Books & Books (Coral Gables) and presented: “If You Snooze You Lose, I Guarantee It – 5 Keys to Unlocking the Desires of Your Heart.”


“A Picture of Hope” Making Connections, Feature Article, NEDA’s Quarterly Newsletter (February, 2014)

“Calling All Dads – There’s A Ball At The Castle!” Making Connections, NEDA’s Quarterly Newsletter (August, 2013)

“Mr. Fix-It.” In Focus - Dads and Eating Disorders. Feature Article, Making Connections, NEDA’s Quarterly Newsletter (Winter, 2012)

Feature Articles/Reviews

On March 12, 2013, Spring Hill College Magazine (Spring, 2013) published a feature article on “Dear Ashley . . .” entitled: "Don Blackwell '80 Pens Inspiring Book About Daughter's Eating Disorder."

On December 26, 2012,
“Dear Ashley . . .” was featured in the “Class Notes” and "In Print" sections of the Fall 2012 edition on of UVA Lawyer Magazine, a nationally-distributed magazine that is sent to graduates and friends of the University of Virginia School of Law (

On February 14, 2013, “Dear Ashley...” was included as one three featured titles in the February, 2013 e-News of Gurze Books, an industry leader in inventorying books and other educational reference sources for those struggling with and in recovery from eating disorders.  The book also was one of the 3 featured titles on Gurze’s Home Page (  A pretty significant and humbling achievement, particularly coming as it did in the middle of National Eating Disorders Awareness Month.

On February 20, 2013, my blog ( was added to the Blog Roll of NEDA's Awareness site, which highlights the diverse voices of those who blog on eating disorders nationally.

On February 28, 2013, the Litigation Counsel of America’s Litigation Commentary & Review included an incredible review of “Dear Ashley . . . “  (  The LC & R is the principal publication of the LCA and is distributed nationally to the organization’s membership, which includes the top one half of one percent of the nation’s trial and appellate attorneys.

Community Service

In December, 2012, Mr. Blackwell accepted an invitation to serve on the Steering Committee of NEDA’s Parents, Family & Friends Network.  

Mr. Blackwell is the architect of “The Dad Initiative” – A nationwide grass roots campaign designed to educate, empower and encourage dads whose daughters are afflicted with eating disorders to become more visible and active participants in the treatment and recovery process by increasing their willingness to be vulnerable, fostering open and honest lines of communication and establishing healthy and supportive boundaries predicated on unconditional love, trust and mutual respect.