Don Blackwell : What Others Are Saying

"Dear Ashley is a beautiful, refreshing, and inspiring message that can readily be applied to any loving relationship towards living a life with a positive attitude, courage, integrity, and love."

Dr. Michael Berrett, CEO, Executive Director, and Co-founder of the Center for Change

"Dear Ashley is incredibly poignant and candid. I can only hope it will inspire other parents to share their own experiences, struggles, and triumphs, and in the process help their loved ones on their healing journeys."

Kirsten Haglund, Miss America 2008

"Dear Ashley is a brilliant juxtaposition of hope and hopelessness, trust and doubt, faith and despair, fear and courage, and, ultimately: love. It is an emotional journey shared bravely and eloquently."

Reynie H.

"Dear Ashley conveys critical thoughts on love, commitment and self-awareness in an amazingly personal manner. Anyone who cares about making the most out of their life or the lives for which they are responsible should read this book."

Craig T.

"I only hope that someday my children will know I love them this much."

Kelly H.

"The pages of Dear Ashley overflow with sadness and joy, challenge and victory, doubt and faith and fear and love. It is a great read . . . a keeper."

Robert T.

"As a ‘young-ish’ mom, I always listen when those who've 'been-there-and-done-that' share their experiences and wisdom. Dear Ashley does that - and so much more! The wave of emotions I experienced from start to finish was overwhelming. One chapter I'm laughing, tears of joy streaming down my face. The next, I am shedding tears of sadness . . . It is a spectacular book . . . a work of art."

Allison D.

"A moving story about a father’s journey toward self-realization and his unconditional love for his courageous daughter."

Cathy M.

"Don’s lyrical writing style and willingness to be vulnerable provides hope and direction to parents (and young adults) everywhere, no matter what they may be going through."

Bruce S.

"A heartfelt and moving story that offers a unique perspective on several critical life lessons and, above all else, on the importance and power of love."

Elaine P.

"Dear Ashley is terribly moving, almost overwhelming in its emotional projection of a father’s desire to protect and help bring healing to his daughter. As a reader, I’m left wanting to pick both of them up and give them a hug - as long as it would do no harm."

Pete F.